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homestrat®: inside our unique approach

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“you can’t solve part of the problem if you’re not prepared to answer the whole problem.”

clayton christensen


the homestrat® process

deep immersion in your business - workshop 1

although design thinking tell us it’s important to know our customers, understanding the business equally matters. in the end, you can make something useful, smooth and beautifully designed, but if it doesn’t solve the business problems, you won’t have a business at all. our first workshop has that focus, even before getting to know the users. we use business modelling and context tools to get everyone in the project at the same page. 

audience-based ideation - workshop 2

after understanding the business and the context, it’s time to focus on the customers. but we don’t simply ask them what they need or like. we are going to bring them in-house so they can create with us. and we walk on their shoes. knowing customer’s jobs-to-be-done, pains and gains will lead to value propositions that solve real problems in their lives, being it a brand, a digital product, an experience or even a new business model.


handmade prototyping - workshop 3

using the insights from the previous workshops, we bring everyone in the house again (client and it’s customers). this time to transform a bunch of ideas into actionable and simple steps. what’s really important? what people cannot live without? we give form to the final solution as hand-made prototypes. but as important as the form, we design all the experience involving it. in the end (or the beginning?) you have a pre designed solution ready to be built, one that solves business and people’s challenges, reducing risks and maximizing the chances of success.


our workshops


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